What is Folded Damascus Steel on Manufacture Knives?

What is Folded Damascus Steel on Manufacture Knives?

Why Folded Damascus Steel Material?

What is Folded Damascus Steel on Manufacture Knives Knife Depot


This have a lot of reasons. First of them is manufacture technology. Folded Damascus steel is steel made with technology that was considered groundbreaking centuries ago. Centuries before the invention of electricity in general, folding was a way of dispersing the components in steel evenly, similar to mixing sugar in coffee. With the help of the folding the carbon would "mix" evenly in the steel, and so would the harmful substances like phosphorus and sulfur which if accumulated in one place could cause the sword to break at the same point during use, the result was a more uniform and quality steel. The Crusaders who were exposed to steel when visiting Damascus called it Damascus steel, although the origin of the technique is unknown, and the folds have become an indication of high quality steel. Nowadays of course there is no need or use of this outdated technology, as today steels are produced in a uniform and perfect modern way, and are almost completely free of unwanted materials.


What is Folded Damascus Steel on Manufacture Knives Knifedepot

Because people are drawn to the attractive look that the fold creates on the blade, reminiscent of the katana swords made with this method, modern chef knife makers compile and decorate their knives with Damascus steel laminate. Quite a few people think that a "folded steel" kitchen knife has an advantage over a kitchen knife without folds, and the more folds there are, the better the knife, but in fact it is a scam and deception from the creator of dishonest sellers, designed to misjudge the customer. knife. In fact, steel folds have no effect on a chef's performance. To understand why one should know that the Japanese chef's knife is made in a sandwich-like configuration - a shock - absorbing soft steel that wraps around the cutting hard steel.

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