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Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

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Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

The ceramic knife delivers exceptionally less surface resistance and a ruthlessly razor-sharp edge. You need to try it to believe it.


✓ Up to 2X sharper than a steel knife
✓ Holds edge 10 times longer than metal
✓ Perfectly engineered balance
✓ Soft Touch Handle
✓ Never rusts
✓ Never stains
✓ BPA free
✓ Impervious to oil and odor. Leaves no aftertaste
✓ Bacteria resistant
✓ No browning or oxidization of food
✓ Cleans easily
✓ Ultra-light for nimble use
✓ Can be used for baby food




1. Made from zirconium oxide which is anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non-corrosive.
2. Safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Guaranteeing the family food safety, provide a healthy and fashionable kitchen.
3. The best cutting tools for vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, or any high demanding food.
4. Extremely hard, sharp but safe. have the quality of high-density, not easy to be blunt.
5. No reaction with any food, maintain the original color and taste of the food, and keep the food's freshness and nutrition.
6. No stimulation to your eyes when cutting excitant food like onions.
7. Can be used to make food for baby.


Difference from other brands:

1. Purify the high-quality zirconia power from raw materials zirconium sand coming from Western Australia.
2. Filled in the state-of-the-art facility and applied 300 tons of pressure to craft the spectacular high dense blade.
3. Adapt our unique Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) process to make knives set harder, denser and sharper.
4. Under 1400 degree temperature, spectacular high dense super harder, and sharp Myvit knives set will be formed after 72 hours of sintering.
5. Final, advanced 36-degree convex edge grinding technology will help Myvit ceramic knives super sharp.



Ceramic knives should be used on wooden, plastic, or bamboo cutting boards only. Using these knives on glass, marble, or tile can cause the blades to chip or break. These knives are ideal for cutting fruit, vegetables, and boneless meats. Do not use these knives for carving, boning, or prying. This can damage the knives.

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Customer Reviews

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Alf D'Amore

Fine knives, very sharp, comfortable handle. Happy. Reliable packaging, delivery good.

Lonny Zieme

Very good. Well-packed. Absolutely Recommended

Kiarra Price

Knives are good, though blades tonkovat, handle of plastic and comfortable shape, each opener in a protective case. The package each knife packed pupyrchatuyu and all together-in foam box. The seller sent fast delivery of RF came too quickly.

Cornelius Reilly

Thank you very much! Very happy with them. Buy a second time. Sharp, comfortable and not expensive!

Eunice Considine

In Germany. Ceramics. Well packed, and all together. Until all like, will serve as a look