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About Stainless Steel in manufacture Knives

About Stainless Steel in manufacture Knives

  • Ramig Hajiyev

About Stainless Steel in manufacture Knives Knife Depot


Stainless steels in manufacture Knives

Stainless steel is a relatively new invention, stainless steels are steels that are highly resistant to rust, but not completely resistant to it (no steel is resistant to rust). Rust resistance comes with a price at the difficulty level of steel which is measured on the Rockwell scale - HRC. A typical Western kitchen knife made of Western stainless steel (even the most expensive ones) will have a difficulty rating of 56-58 HRC. The significance of the steel's difficulty level is reflected in its ability to hold a sharper blade over a longer period of time. Knives that are made of typical western stainless steel are made with a blade at an angle of 20-25 degrees, if they try to sharpen a western knife to a sharper angle the thin edge of the blade will warp and warp after a short use. Knives made of Japanese steel will be sharpened to an angle of 12-15 (extra sharp angle). The Japanese have learned to produce high quality stainless steels (like VG10) which are both rust resistant and reach a difficulty level of 60-61 HRC. If you do not work with fine raw materials (like fine fish for example) and you are looking for an excellent steel that can withstand moisture (and acidity) for a much longer time, the advanced Japanese stainless steels are for you. For the avoidance of doubt, Moving from a typical Western stainless steel knife to a Japanese knife made of Japanese stainless steel is a significant upgrade, and a difference of heaven and earth.