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KD Japanese High Carbon Steel Imitation Damascus Knife

KD Japanese High Carbon Steel Imitation Damascus Knife

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One of the Best Selling Japanese Knife Set

Full tang and precision-forged from a single piece of ice tempered, high-carbon, Japanese 7cr17 steel at 58+ Rockwell hardness edge are painstakingly honed by experts craftsman to 13-15°and nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

Functional Ultra Sharp Blade



1. Blade Hardness: 58- 60 HRC
2. Blade thickness: 2 mm
3. Blade size: see the pictures
4. Blade surface craft: Sanding Laser Pattern (note: not Real Damascus!)
5. Handle Material: High-Quality Natural PakkaWood


How to Clean and Care to Maintain the knives.

1. Please don't use the dishwasher, hand wash is suggested.
2. Please use a soft cleaning cloth to clean the knives, do not use steel mesh balls and other abrasive materials to clean the knife surface, in order to maintain the glossiness of the knives and extend their service life.
3. After hand washing the knives, wipe the excess moisture with a towel and place it in a ventilated place.
4. Please be careful when using and storing! After use please clean and store the knife set in a safe place, especially away from places children could reach.


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Customer Reviews

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Chauncey Hahn

The knives look awesome!! Came with a very sharp blade! Really liked it. And recommend the seller!!

Savanah Blick

To see the use, fast delivery

Michaela Torp

Very sharp, the sound from the knives when knocking on it, ringing, the goods are satisfied, take it will not regret. Delivery fast

Nathan Cassin

Fine knives, quality, good steel

Valentina Smitham