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Playful Chef Knife Set 3 Knives Plastic Blades with Serrated Edges

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Playful Chef Knife Set 3 Knives Plastic Blades with Serrated Edges.

Cooking for Kids: The Playful Chef line contains real cooking activities for kids! Help kids learn valuable skills and healthy eating habits while providing hours of interactive family fun.
Dice and Slice: These safe cutting knives allow kids to learn about chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing in the kitchen! The included instructions give safety tips, optimal grips and different types of cuts.

Kid Safe and Kid Sized: The highly functional plastic blades are engineered to cut through hard foods like carrots and apples without any danger to hands or fingers. The handle was designed for small hands and ensures a secure grip.

Hands-On Learning: What better way to apply school lessons to real life! Let your little chef help you prepare dinner with this knife set. From reading a recipe to measuring, chopping and clean-up, kids learn best with hands-on practice!
Includes: 3 Playful Chef Knives and Parent Guide (Ages 5 and up)

Real Cooking For Kids!

Children will learn life-long skills when they engage in the wonder of cooking, baking, tasting and enjoying food with family and friends.

Teachable Moments

Kids have the opportunity to dive right in with cooking supplies made their size. When kids learn practical cooking skills with their family, they learn cooperation, the value of family meal time and the importance of passing down special values and traditions.

Easy to Follow

Designed specifically for young cooks and bakers, Playful Chef safe cutting tools, color-coded measuring, easy-to-hold grips sized for small hands and step-by-step recipes.

Purposeful Play

Learning and cooking go hand in hand! Kids practice math skills as they measure, improve concentration as they follow recipes, and gain an understanding in healthy eating habits as they plan their menus.

Customer Reviews

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got these for my 6 year old for her birthday, she's adoring to be a chef and she LOVES these she uses them for EVERYTHING, easily cuts potatoes, carrots, peppers and even frozen chicken without having to worry that she will hurt herself.

Pleasant Surprise

I purchased these knives to teach my granddaughter to cook. They arrived in a very solid box and in good time. The color is just like the photo, a very pretty blue. The size is the actual size of regular knives. The material it is made of is good for handling them (not slippery). They work like regular knives. I admit I like to use them as well. My granddaughter finds them easy to manage. These make good gifts for the child cook in your family or if your physical condition does not allow you to manage stainless steel knives well. I will be looking into other products by this company. Safety in the kitchen for me is a high priority.