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Sushi Knife Delicate Fish Knife

Sushi Knife Delicate Fish Knife

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Sushi knife delicate fish knife

The shadow wood furniture has a reddish-brown color, and the straight-grained surface texture has a glittering and three-dimensional feel. Shadowwood furniture can bring a festive and warm atmosphere to the environment. Shadow wood furniture has high gloss; the sapwood is light yellow, the heartwood is light red or light brown, and it has good weight, bending strength and compressive strength, corrosion resistance and durability. Shadow wood furniture is relatively easy to process, and can be made in a variety of grades and shapes; the performance of gluing and ordering is very good, especially after filling the pores with transparent putty and painting; so that the overall effect of shadow wood furniture is more beautiful, generous. Yingmu also has a higher appreciation space and is a high-quality material for solid wood furniture.

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