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KD 8 inch Japanese Handmade Composite Steel Kitchen Knife

KD 8 inch Japanese Handmade Composite Steel Kitchen Knife

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8 inch Japanese Handmade Composite Steel Kitchen Knife 

Culinary Cyclone Classic Handmade Composite Steel Kitchen Knife was selected as one of the world - best kitchen knives by world - renowned chefs. This handmade Kitchen Knife is perfect for precision...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bert Erdman

Everything is OK, thank you all!

General Ferry

Came with slight rust on back of the blade, cleans up with vinegar soak over night and careful polish. It's not uncommen to use steel that rusts in Japanese knives. It's just over 200 grams which is impressive knife. I think this is as good as it gets from this site. Handle is even prettier IRL. Came razor sharp from front to back of edge. You won't be disappointed with the this.

Lawrence Mitchell

Thank you very much for a beautiful knife with an amazing sharpness.

Amya Witting

The knife is good, as in the description. Asked the seller to check the goods that would not be defects. The seller promised it would be okay. As a result, on the blade rust!? There was no pleasant siege of communication with the seller. I wish I had promised nothing. The knife itself liked. Delivery is not long, long sent.

Rae Ortiz

Order a knife for 11 thousand is a risk! After all, there are really many offers of recognizable brands at a more affordable price! So my expectations were overstated! In general, the knife is not bad, but received it with marriage! Rust on a new knife!!! Tinplate ....