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Ebony handle kitchen knife fish fillet knife

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Material: Stainless steel
Product Category :Multi-purpose knife
Hand-polished 16-degree V-type cutting edge, which can improve the sharpness of the knife and make the cutting more
Comfortable and cost-effective, the hand-finished edge is durable and easy to repair.

The blade is made after repeated forging, the surface of the concave and convex curved surface represents the material after the dry tempering
More shocking visual experience, the steel core is 9Cr18MOV, and a layer of 316L stainless steel on each side
Steel, the hardness is stable at 60+2HRC, and the sharpness is even better.

The handle sleeve uses 6063-T6 aerospace aluminum
The alloy is processed by CNC
Effective connection of fixed blade and handle
Then, high-quality materials meet people
Body comfort, beautiful and generous

The handle is made of high-quality ebony and wood
Precious material is delicate, hard and smooth
The bag formed by grinding its cut surface
The pulp is very bright and feels comfortable.


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