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KD Forged Kitchen Boning Knife

KD Forged Kitchen Boning Knife

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Durable Design 

Promises you the blade won’t rust over time in most circumstances and is easy to resharpen. The steel is precisely processed with high-tech vacuum heat treatment to reach the hardness for extraordinary performance and edge retention. Most importantly, the edge won’t chip easily. 

Excellent Sharp Blade

The blades are carefully polished, super anti-rust, and anti-corrosion. Features an ultra "sharp edge" to cut through meat and vegetables with ease. It is ideal for chopping, mincing, slicing" and dicing.

Hand Forged Steel: The stainless steel blade goes through a blackening treatment that produces a layer of oxide film on the metal for corrosion protection.

Blackening process layer: The blackening treatment process makes the blade surface form an oxide layer to achieve the anti-rust effect.

Forged hammer pattern: After high-temperature forging, the density and purity of the steel are improved, so that the hardness and toughness of the steel are greatly improved.

Manual water milling: The blade is smoothened by hand water grinding, the blade is smooth, sharp, cut resistant, and easy to grind.


Cutting-Edge Design

Every single detail is thought to please the kitchen knife lovers.

Finger Hole Function

The knife features a finger hole to improve the grip of the knife for better safety. It is also designed with a hanging hole at the end of the handle for easy storage.

Bottle Opener Function

The knife features a bottle opener part as well which gives extra functionality to the knife.

Full Tong Wooden Handle

Rosewood, waterproof, antibacterial, heat-resistant, and non-slip handle. The knife handle is not only ergonomic and comfortable, but the full tang design also means it is strong and sturdy.

  The plum rivets enhance the feel.



1. The entire process of production of this knife is completely manual.
2. The surface of the forged knife is rough not as smooth as the knife produced by machines, but it did show the characteristics of the forging knife.
3. Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Casey Turner

Good quality, not almost different from the same price for a great price. Seller Thank you!

Danial Kunde

Corresponds to the description. I haven't tried it yet. Then I'll write down how it cuts and how much sharpening

Gene Lakin

В восторге от ножей! Идеальный подарок для меня и мужа Балансировка идеальна, есть ушко для крепления темляка)) Не ножи, а мечта для любителей походов!

Vada Emard

The goods are just super comfortable sharp, took two knives

Cheyanne Reichel

For that cost at a discount on which he got me-in general, there can not be any claims))))))