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High Grade Handmade Forged Blade Chef Knife

High Grade Handmade Forged Blade Chef Knife

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High Grade Handmade Forged Blade Chef Knife 

Culinary Cyclone High Grade Handmade Forged Blade Chef Knife was selected as one of the world - best kitchen knives by world - renowned chefs. This High Grade Handmade Forged Blade Chef Knife is perfect for precision.

High Grade Handmade Forged Blade Chef Knife

Knife Type:
 Chef Knives
Blade Height: 19.5 cm
Handle Material: Color Wood
Blade Thickness: 6 mm
Sharpness: 59 HRC
Knife Weight: 320 g
Size: 30 cm

High Grade Handmade Forged Blade Chef Knife


1. The entire process of production of this knife is completely manual.
2. The surface of the forge knife is rough not as smooth as the knife produced by machines, but it did show the characteristics of the forging knife.
3. Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

* Each knife comes with a free knife cover, perfect for your next camping.
fishing, hunting, or any outdoor trips.
* Slight variation by the batch of the product for the wood color as it based
on the wood sourced at that point of time & the hammering of the knife quality is
not affected.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ester Zarate

very nice

María Cristina Delatorre

Knife Depot - High Grade Handmade Forged Blade

Federico Escamilla

Delivered very quickly. Tesac is very thin, but does not bend due to a thick ear. If you look at the profile, you can see that the narrowing goes unevenly. Obuh thick (5,1mm) then there is a sharp narrowing (up to 2,2mm). The thickness of the blade in the place where the processed Part 1,3mm begins. Keep in mind that the blade is made of material that rust. The main part of the blade is treated roughly. The cutting edge is sharpened very well (the hair does not shave, but the lemon on the slices cuts like oil). Especially liked the beautiful gift packaging. It is a pity that the protective band is short and the entire length of the blade does not close. Хочу обратить внимание, что металл лезвия очень хрупкий. Тесак один раз упал с сушилки на стол и уже вся кромка в зазубринах (не погнулась, а именно раскрошилась).

Susana Tapia

Super product very nice knife

Yolanda Carrera

This is a very nice knife. It is made from carbon steel, which makes it sharp. This is a vegetable cleaver with a fine, sharp edge. The knife has a nice weight and a comfortable handle. I am very satisfied. Ordered: 03.04.21, Delivered to Germany: 17.04.21