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KD 8-inch 3 Layers Japanese Knives

KD 8-inch 3 Layers Japanese Knives

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8-inch 3 Layers Japanese Knives

8 inch Japanese kitchen knives 3 Layer Santoku Cleaver Chef Knife - Culinary Cyclone Kitchen Boning Knife was selected as one of the world - best kitchen knives by world - renowned chefs. This Santoku Cleaver Chef Knife is perfect for precision...

Material: Stainless steel
Knife Type: Chef Knives


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Makayla Torphy

Delivery took more than a month. The product was packed securely, it arrived intact. The knife seemed huge to me, I expected a little smaller. Sharpening is sharp. I will add the review a little later, after I play it.

Brennon McClure

Very beautiful and very sharp! Very nice knife that cuts very well

Lucio Durgan

A beautiful product. It meets my expectation qua look and definitely smoke in terms of quality of the knife. The three layer steel are, if you look carefully, clearly distinguishable. It seems, as I hoped, handmade. I had namely simultaneously two pieces ordered (one for a friend) and there are obvious differences seen between the knives itself. The front of the one I found more beautiful and at the other again the back.

Winona Cummerata

The knife was sharp, the only crack on the arm. The seller promised to return some money

Monica Gottlieb

Came!!!! Everything is fine!!! There is not enough cover))) and so everything is super