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KD VG10 Professional Japanese Santoku Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife

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KD VG10 Professional Japanese Santoku Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife 

Product Description

XITUO Damascus Steel Chef Knife

The high-carbon damascene steel made of 67 layers has a hardness of 62HRC and is also resistant to corrosion, rust and toughness.

Ergonomically designed handle

The XITUO handle design will create a comfortable grip and provide the best level of cutting everything. When you see them for the first time, the luxuriously decorated plum nails will appeal to you.

Excellent perfect blade

The blade is very strong and stable. The sharp edges of the razor can be used for months. With excellent sharpness, you can easily cut meat and vegetables into thin ones.


8-inch chef knife - modern chef knife, is a multi-functional device that can perform many different kitchen tasks

7-inch Cleaver A - refers to a variety of cutting tasks with good tool performance: slicing, chopping and cutting

7" santoku knife - this knife is anti-stick, suitable for meatCleaverand cutting cooked food, there is no food left on the knife

6-inch boning knife - used in slaughter to cut off bones and bones, cut cartilage, short blade, hard texture and also used to cut meat.

5-inch utility knife - daily multi-function, smaller and lighter than the chef's knife, but larger than the paring knife

3.5-inch paring knife - This is a straight-edge multi-function knife that has many uses. Due to its size, the paring knife is a good tool for any food that requires attention to detail.

Delivery time is base on different countries and shipping methods( Normal Condition)

* Ship to Russia: about 12-25 days (E-packet)

* Ship to Brazil: about 15-29 days (E-packet)

* Ship to Europe cointries: about 12-29 days

* Ship toUnited States: about 10- 25 days (E-packet)

* Ship to other countries: about 7-45 days

To meet your purchase size requirements, XITUO will sell split knives. If you don't need to buy a complete set of tools, you can choose to buy them separately.

Product Information

Name: Stainless steel tool holder

Material: high quality stainless steel + ABS + PP

Size: 23cm*10cm*10cm

Weight: 421g