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KD German Steel Professional Kitchen Knife Set

KD German Steel Professional Kitchen Knife Set

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KD German Steel Professional Kitchen Knife Set


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee.

Comfortable Blade Shape

This versatile knife combines the best features of both Western and Japanese-style blades — making it excel at any cutting task or technique. The blade of this knife is perfect for delicate tasks such as filleting to rough chopping tasks.

Ergonomic Handle

The material is from Red Sandalwood and
Very Convenient to Hold in Your Hand.
Excellent Touching, Beautiful-Looking.
The hook-designed end to prevent it from falling off.


Peak Performance

Professionally made sharp blade and ergonomic handle allow to cut through anything in the kitchen with ease, last a lifetime, and in general, make cooking easier and more fun.


Protective Bolster

Unique sloped bolster pulls double duty: the sloped shape encourages a proper “pinch grip” for comfort and control, while the bolster’s placement creates better access to the full length of the blade.


Nice Weight & Wonderful Balance

The weight of these knives has been carefully selected to be fast and easy to maneuver, to facilitate your kitchen work. So, they are neither heavy to delay the work nor light not to have enough weight to be able to cut hard products


Premium German Steel

This offers an even better balance between lasting sharpness and durability with specifically added ingredients and upgraded to 12 processes.


Practical, Comfort, and Safety

With the blade running through to the end of the knife handle, this quality in a knife is practical and means that you are guaranteed both safety and comfort. 


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Nat Will


Felipa Yost

You purchase number 2 بكج of class الـ 5 knives اخذت me set and kit latest gift for my friend… deserve all money seller professional high quality very very felt regretting Lanny didn't اقم purchase full range that includes axe الأضافي will CTCA procure ANL other group Supreme or axe extra

Ernest Rowe

Knife just gorgeous. In the hand is almost perfect. Handle comfortable, weighted thick metal. Wood well polished, joints are not visible.

Lauretta Kautzer

Excellent! Beautifully presented and arrived in less time than expected! Ever Super recommended, no doubt would buy

Rhoda Sporer

Knives and packaging five… not massive his wife like but to such красавцам and sharpener соответственую to about choosing not to regret and take here