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Geschmiedetes Schlachtausbeinmesser

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Forged Slaughter Boning Knife

Culinary Cyclone Forged Slaughter Boning Knife was selected as one of the world - best kitchen knives by world - renowned chefs. This Forged Slaughter Boning Knife is perfect for precision...

Forged Slaughter Boning Knife

Material: Stainless Steel
Knife Type: Chef Knives
Features 1: Non-stick Blade
Features 2: Easily Cut, Light, Energy-saving
Suitable: Kitchen Work, Utility
Handle Design: Non-Slip
Blade Sharpness: Paper Easy Cut

Professional Stainless Steel Chef Knife Forged Slaughter Boning Knife

Professional Stainless Steel Chef Knife Forged Slaughter Boning Knife

Professional Stainless Steel Chef Knife Forged Slaughter Boning Knife

1. The entire process of production of this knife is completely manual.
2. The surface of the forge knife is rough not as smooth as the knife produced by machines, but it did show the characteristics of the forging knife.
3. Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Customer Reviews

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Bridget Bergnaum

Все круто мне понравились ножи!

Dixie Bogisich

Fast shipping thank you. Sharpened four key

Prince Eichmann

Knife well sooo long went, almost three months to Moscow! The only comfort was the knife itself, T. K. Really the quality is made and visible handmade. If it hadn't been for the time frame, it would have been five stars. In general, I recommend!

Amber Runolfsdottir

It reached Moscow very quickly. Packed perfectly. The knife has the shape of a blade sharpening, like a dangerous razor. Out of the box is very sharp, you can even shave the joke. In the hand lies normally .. Heavy for its size. Compared with the weight of his kitchen knives-pleasantly pleased. How to cut constantly in the kitchen, how to rule the blade and how much the knife will live in general. Z. Field tests will show. But something tells me he wasn't invented for housewives...

Rodrick Pagac

A good and simple knife for the kitchen. (for serious work it is not suitable) Very sharp out of the box, hacksaw but It's coming. Took on the share for 479 rubles. It is more expensive to take no IMHO