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KD German Steel Professional Kitchen Knives

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New Arrival / Professionally Made / At An Affordable Price to meet almost all your kitchen needs and improve cutting skills.

Persistence Sharpness

This versatile knife combines the best features of both Western and Japanese-style blades — making it excel at any cutting task or technique. Makes life easy in the kitchen, being comfortable, stable, sharp, and easy to sharpen, and no more needs to replace quickly.


Very Comfortable Handle

Consists of Red Sandalwood Handle Material which is
*Easy to Grip
*Very Convenient to Hold in Your Hand
*Excellent Touching, Beautiful-Looking.

Nice Weight

The weight of these knives has been carefully selected to be fast and easy to maneuver in order to meet all your kitchen needs and improve your cooking skills. So, they are neither heavy to delay nor light not to have enough weight to cut some products. 

Unique Sloped Bolster

Our unique sloped bolster pulls double duty: the sloped shape encourages a proper “pinch grip” for comfort and control, while the bolster’s placement creates better access to the full length of the blade.

Wonderfully Balanced  

Intelligently selected weight and material and classic and innovative design allow precise application of the blade, fast and easy maneuver, in order to facilitate your kitchen life. 

Premium German Steel Material

Which offers an even better balance between lasting sharpness and durability with specifically added ingredients.

1. High-hardness, Long-Lasting Sharpness.
2. Upgrade to 12 processes, 15-degree manual edge, sharper cutting edge.
3. The design details are constantly improved, making it easier to use.

Practical, Comfort, and Safety

With the blade running through to the end of the knife handle, this quality in a knife is practical and means that you are guaranteed both safety and comfort. 

XINZUO Zhi Series 5PC Stainless Steel Knife Set

Blade Material: 1.4116 Molybdenum vanadium steel of Germany ThyssenKrupp Ggroup
Handle Material: High-Quality Premium Red Sandalwood
Core Hardness: 56-58 HRC
Angle of the Edge: 15 Degree per side
Surface Process: Polishing Processing, High-end Appearance
Characteristics: Sharp and durable, Super anti-rust, Light energy
Sharpness level: The level of cutting force: 6.0-8.0 N international standards.
Packing: Beautiful gift box.

All Pursuit Perfection!
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Hector Farrell

Fast Delivery, Great Knife, Very Sharp, Comfortable Handle. Completely Satisfied. Thank you so much.

Kaela Johnson

Great super sharp knives, well-priced, nice weight, good balance, easy-to-use.

Toney Pfannerstill

It is just what I need
What is important about this knife for me is it fits very neatly with what I am doing in preparing food to eat. I eat fruits and vegetables. There is lots of cutting and chopping to get them ready for my plate, and this knife does it. It feels good in my hand -- the weight is good and the balance is good. It is very sharp which helps a lot for cutting and chopping. It is long which helps with some of the cutting. And I like taking care of it because it is done immediately and easily -- with hot water and a soft 'towel' to take the water away.

Sanford Wisoky

The best knives I have ever had. All pursuit perfection for me. Great thank to manufacturer and seller.

Alia Ledner

Very beautiful the packaging and also the knife looks excellent quality. Are very satisfied.